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Drs. Papworth and Vargas Family Dentistry Testimonials

I was thinking today about how I MUST give a review, when I was having some major dental care done; which went very very well (root canal process), as usual though, because every time I am here, I think how professional they are and how well they treat me as a patient, as well as how very close to painless the processes are on my teeth. I have been a patient for about 20+ years and have gone thru so many changes in my mouth; braces, not having the best dental genes; I also got really busy over the past 5 years and missed some basic care for a while. The office treated me as if I was just there, even though many yrs had passed and I felt again the same top notch service as before. Never let down. Thanks

Helen B.

I have been going to this dentist practice since the late 80's; I can't imagine going to any other practice.

Dr. Papworth and Dr. Vargas will spend time explaining treatments and options and do not rush the appointment. They have a great bedside manner; very gentle, and very cautious as to not cause any pain. They have state of the art equipment that covers everything from x-rays to root canals. I don't have the best teeth in the world and have had plenty of procedures done. All were required and never was any unwanted or unnecessary service done. The quality of the work is EXCELLENT!!! They have a variety of time slots for appointment options (which is important when you are trying to juggle work and life schedules). They never keep me long in the waiting room. I've never had any problem with insurance either.

The entire staff truly cares about you.

I moved several years ago and make an hour's drive each way to be their patient. Quite honestly, I would drive even longer to keep them as my Dentist.

D C.

Highly professional and friendly environment. They did more than clean my teeth; I learned more during my first cleaning alone than I have from most of my other dentists. After learning why/how flossing works, I was far more motivated.

Hubert W.


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